Risk Management Population Simulation Model

Version History

Current version: 1.9.003 (September 20, 2006)
* Sex selective harvest
* Option to terminate the run if harvest cannot be supported by the population
* Bug fix: corrected display of Mean Litter Size, and Propn. with Litters on Recruitment screen
* Bug fix: corrected error message when indicated spreadsheet program not available
* Updated documentation

Current version: 1.9.002 (March 08, 2005)
* Bug fix: saving and loading of the POP and AGE files
* Bug fix: calculating the Selectivity/Vulnerability matrix from the Hunt Data
* Hunt Data uses the same Strata setting as the Selectivity/Vulnerability (on/off)

Current version: 1.9.001 (September 06, 2004)
* Bug fix: handling of the survival and other data without strata definition present
* Bug fix: resetting the random number generator between 1-year correlated runs

Current version: 1.9.000 (July 25, 2003)
* New "Adult M/F Ratio" graph
* User specfied schedule for the "Phased-in-quota"
* Fixed a problem with combining valid and invalid cells in a single stratum
* Fixed a problem with saving unselective harvest flag
* Harvest: Proportion of initial population is now based on the "randomized" initial population and not the user specified mean value
* Fixed a problem with the "Mean Age of Harvest" calculations
* Updated documentation

Version: 1.8.007 (Unreleased)
* Modified the Hunting Mortality screen to allow for "Phased in/out Quota". The current version allows specification of an initial and the final mean harvest and the duration for implementation of the change. The system computes the intermediate values for the change in the quota.
* The indicator title "Unacceptable" has been changed to "Exceeding Criteria", to reflect the ability of the system to track runs with populations going above a certain value (recovery scenarios)
* Moved the "Setup Graphs" menu to the "Options"
* Added "Clear Graphs" Option
* Added ability to sub-select lines on the graphs
* Added ability to "preview" stochastic runs after 10% of the iterations
* Added user selected line styles for overlays and error lines
* Added ability to select line colours
* Population batching is now enabled only for stochastic runs, since the baching is on conditions for exceeding criteria is only applicable then
* Added ability to display the last 5 batch runs (e.g. 5 different levels of harvest).
* Also previously I added an ability to change the age for which the "%Adult Females" is displayed. It is now set to the same age as the graph for "Reproductive Value".

Version: 1.8.006 (15 January, 2003)
* changed the "Furbearer" project by splitting the "All" class to "Unenc", which includes males and unencumbered females and "Enc" with encumbered females. The system currently cannot handle strata cells combining valid and invalid full grid cells.
* changed label on the growth rate graph panel to "GrwRt" and "GeomMean", as these are the "in-trial" values displayed.

Version: 1.8.004 (21 November, 2002)
* eliminated outdated "Graphic Server" and "Microsoft Grid Control". Implemented equivalent components from Component One Studio. This fixes installation problems experienced by some users.
* upgraded TrueDBGrid to version 7 (also part of Component One Studio)
* added new line styles for overlays
* "tied" the "% Adult Females" graph's age to the age at which the reproductive value is calculated (Species Definition screen)
* fixed some problems in dealing with invalid project files
* changed label for "% Unacceptable" graph's popup table
* added emphesis for graph color changes (only the graph background color can be changed)

Version: 1.8.000 (20 August, 2002)
* Creating strata composed of discontiguous categories
* Enhanced Output View and Spreadsheet Export options
* Enhanced Vital Rates export options
* Harvest and Population batching
* Projects directory for distributing project (PRJ) files
* Switch to use unselective harvest (Hunting Mortality screen)
* Generating a stable age distribution from the Initial Population screen
* Switch for terminating runs below or above a value or proportion (was below only)
* Automatic resizing of screens to fit the main screen size
* Switch for "Other" mortality
* Splitting of the SE to Parameter and Environmental components ability to turn them on or off and ability to proportionally alocate total uncertainty between them
* Management/Demontration mode
* Licence agreement screen for first time installations and as an option under the Help menu
* Update of documentation
* Update of various project files
* Miscellaneus bug fixes

Version: 1.6.011 (October 2001)

Version: 1.52 (February 2000)

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